Spring in the nature Camping Sirena<br>20.03 - 26.06.2015.

Spring in the nature

Camping Sirena
20.03 - 26.06.2015.:
Price from 16.00 EUR/day

Aquapark Istralandia Try out the most entertaining water in Istria!

Aquapark Istralandia

Try out the most entertaining water in Istria! : This interesting aquatic world stretches over 81.000 m² and it is only five kilometres away from Novigrad.

Spring vacation in Holiday homes

Spring vacation in Holiday homes

20.03.2015 - 21.06.2015

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Camping Park Mareda ****

Camping Park Mareda ****

Camping Park Mareda is located in a dense forest reaching to the sea shore and is surrounded by hectares of vineyards.

Four kilometres away from Novigrad, camping Park Mareda opens the door into the world of the Mediterranean and its intact nature. A step away from the clean Adriatic sea, the camp calls for exploration and sport, or relaxation on one of the beautiful beaches of the Blue istria.

Camping park Mareda is also a place where you can enjoy staying in quaint small houses (Holiday homes) , in the vicinity of the sea.

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Camping Sirena ****

Camping Sirena ****

Camping Sirena is one of the best-arranged, cleanest and most beautiful campsites in Istria, and will provide true nature lovers with excellent rest in an old pine-tree forest next to the Adriatic sea.

Camping Sirena's high four star rating, coupled with beautiful nature, also ensures our guests all the necessary modern comforts.

Sirena is adorned by pebble beaches and gentle bays with an incredible view and crystal clear sea.

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Holiday homes

Holiday homes

Within its offer, Camping Novigrad today offers stays in luxurious designer mobile homes, for which there has been an increased interest in Europe among lovers of camping, but also among those who, up to now, have never spent their summer holiday in a camp. Why?

These modern accommodation units, trendy mobile homes, indeed provide all the comfort of a hotel or apartment, coupled with the experience of a campsite and natural environment, their greatest advantage being the vicinity of the beach.


  • 23.05.2015.

    Gnam-Gnam Fest: Sardine pilchard fest

    Every year Novigrad prepares a series of themed culinary events under the common denominator - GnamGnam. The name probably doesn't require any further explanation, since everyone knows what is hidden behind this subtle onomatopoeia - something very delicious! In May this will be omega-3 rich bluefish and their most well-known representative - the PILCHARD. Incredibly healthy, nutritious, tasty and affordable, pilchards have fed generations of Mediterranean families, and they now return to the table in a number of imaginative... 

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